This wondrous natural phenomenon showcases the glory of our marvelous God here on earth!

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God who restores

https://odb.org/MY/2023/05/30/the-god-who-restores As we all know by now, Christian life is not a bed of roses. We go through life like any other. In a way, it’s akin to the fairy tale living happily ever after with Jesus because there is true happiness and peace with God in our lives. Yet there are ups and downs,…

Hope that holds

https://odb.org/MY/2023/05/29/hope-that-holds As believers, we hold on to the hope of glory heavenward that one day we will be at a better place even as we put our trust and hope in our Lord Jesus Christ. We hold on to the hope that He had gone ahead to prepare a place for us at His Father’s…

Day of Pentecost

https://odb.org/MY/2023/05/28/what-only-the-spirit-can-do It is interesting to note that Jesus timed His death and resurrection with the Jewish calendar of festivals, celebrating the Passover with the disciples just before His death on the cross. The Passover then became a model for our own Holy Communion ceremony as believers of Christ. More interestingly, the Pentecost, which is the…

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